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Welcome to Gift Umorè, a place where every gift exudes a personalised beauty and elegance. Our exquisite collection of gifts that comes in the form of gift boxes and more transcend the boundaries of gifting, making gifting a lot more meaningful than ever. Our customised gifts put smiles on every face and joy in every heart. We wholeheartedly welcome you a realm where gifts become timeless expressions of love and appreciation.
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Gift Umorè customer-friendly nature makes it a breeze for communication and inquiries needed. This make it easy to perform any services with Gift Umorè. Therefore, placing your order and making purchase is simple and hassle-free with us. Just reach out to us via Instagram or contact number or just fill up the inquiry form in our website to help you through. Now that you have decided to make a purchase, here is how to do it.
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Gift Umorè

The Best Personalised Gift Shop in Malaysia

Gift Umorè is a gifting service from Malaysia that has been around since 2021, providing gift ideas that places smiles and recharging happiness in every soul we touched. We are highly passionate in the way of gifting. Our gifts are meticulously crafted into a vessel of emotions, expressing sentiments that words cannot convey. We hear our customers to have a deep understanding of their needs in order for us produce the most thoughtful gifts possible all tailored to capture the recipient’s unique essence. Our gift boxes are curated by a team of highly skilled designers and crafters, who constantly redefines the art of gifting, always producing something new and never-before-seen in the industry of gifting. Each of our keepsake tells a unique story of love, beauty and enchantment, leaving a lasting impression on our recipients in Malaysia and globally.
Gift Umorè

Personalised Gifts For All Occasions

We at Gift Umorè are specialised at personalising gifts for all occasions, be it for baby’s full moon celebration, wedding, birthday celebration, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas, corporate events and more. Our team of skilled of crafters can do it all exclusively for you and your loved ones.

We are specialised in elevating your brand's identity and convey the finest appreciation to your clients, employees and partners. We provide Customized Corporate Gifts for grand opening ceremonies, annual dinner events, festive seasons, team-building occasions and many more. We pay attention to every detail to curate the best gift set for you, and we have a wide network of suppliers to offer you a diverse range of high-quality products within the gift box, all in accordance to your needs. We guarantee that it will enhance your brand's visibility and create unforgettable impressions through our personalised gift.

Customised Corporate Gift

One of our iconic products are our baby full moon services. We are more than happy to celebrate joyous milestone of your baby's full moon with our exquisite customized gift box. Let's commemorate your baby's special occasion with adorable apparel and accessories such as shirts, mug, bottle, snacks, and more to family-friendly greetings to warmth the heart. The presents will be crafted with care and precision which includes the baby's name, birth information and a heartfelt message. Our personalized newborn baby gifts will give an unforgettable moment to be cherished by both the little one and the parents

Customised Gift for New Born Babies

Ignite the flames of passion and romance with your other half with our exquisite customised gifts for lovers. Be it a man or a woman, we are able to craft according to your needs and preference. We understand the power of your wholehearted love and we will curate the best gift to celebrate your love, appreciation and connection with your partner. Our attention is detailed and committed to the quality of the gift with engraved jewelry and other romantic keepsakes as an eternal symbol of your affection

Customised Gift for Lovers

Come, celebrate the union of two souls with Gift Umorè's customized wedding gifts. Our originally crafted gifts is a reflection of your unique love story that last a lifetime. Reach out to us, tell us more about your story, and we will understand the significance of this special day to come out with best gifts to commemorate you and your partner's special day. The gift set comes in exclusive design with unique wedding gifts that can last a lifetime. The gifts of the soul that can never be parted

Customised Wedding Gift

Birthdays are special to each and every individual, and we are specialised in making every birthday truly unforgettable with our wide exclusive range of customised birthday gifts. Birthdays are about celebrating every life's special moments and we craft personalised gifts that capture the essence of each individual's personality. making their birthday a day to remember for life. Our dedicated team of artist pays high attention to detail and commitment to quality. Tell us what you want for the birthday boy or girl, and we will definitely produce a cherished memento that will leave a lasting impression on them and warm their hearts on their special day

Customised Birthday Gift

Gift Umorè are the masters of joy and happiness, and we give joy to everyone that cross our path. Children needs bliss and happiness in life to grow into a positive individual. Therefore, we spark joy and imagination of little ones with exclusively curated collection of custom gift that capture the wonder and innocence of childhood. We create personalised story books, toys such as puzzles and actions figures, adorable stuffed animals and educational goodies to boost the mind of children. All of our curated items come in the highest quality and your children will have every wish fulfilled from our personalised gifts. We will make your kids' life magical one with one-of-a-kind gifts that brings smile and happiness to their little soul

Customised Gift for Kids

Customised Gift for Fathers / Mothers Day

Parents are the ones who brought us into this world, our true first love and our backbone in life. Without them, we are nothing. So, come to us to celebrate the love and dedication of your parents with our personalised and heartfelt customised gifts for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Come to us and tell us what you need, and we will do it for you with love and gratitude. We understand the importance of honouring our parents and we highly encourage filial piety as we are great gifters today thanks to our parents who nourished us with skills to give back to society. Here we are personalising gift at its best for your family and beloved people.
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Browse through our portfolios and catalogues of gifts designs in our online shop to tell us what type of design you want for your gift. Or, be original and imagine the greatest gift you ever wanted and let us know, and we will surely customise it for you.

Once you have decided on your gift design, talk to our customer service via phone number, inquiry form in our online shop or social media and tell us what you need, for what event, day delivery, the price unit, number of days booking min in advanced, and delivery min. Once we have come to an agreement, your order will be placed.

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Put in Cart

Once your order is confirmed, it will be placed in the cart. It is a pre-payment stage to ensure all your orders are correct including unit price before you make the final payment to us. You can place as many orders as you want in the cart before checking out. Once you are satisfied with everything, you may proceed to the payment page.
Step #3

Make Payment

You are able to make payment (RM) to us via online bank transfer. We will provide you with our company’s bank account number, transfer the payment to us, and your order is confirmed. We will provide you the invoice as reference to your payment.

Don’t worry, our payment gateway is completely safe and secure, and you will get your products within the allocated time frame that you requested. Just reach out to us time after time to stay updated with the progress of your gift.

Customised Gifts for Your Loved Ones Now!

Malaysia’s Gift Umorè is definitely the go-to place for your customised gift sets. We pay meticulous attention to detail, to make sure every part is crafted to the finest quality. We handpick and create gifts that embody your personality with refinement and enchantment. As you can see from our creation in our website and social media, we take pride in curating the perfect gift for everyone. We capture the essence of you and your beloved people in one great never-before-seen gift box. Come on aboard, join us on this virtuous and enchanting journey in the art if giving, one exclusively exquisite gift box at a time.

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